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TRU Telephone system now HD (High Definition) Voice (Staff)

  Posted on: August 12, 2014

The TRU Telephone system went through an upgrade in July 2014. Some of you may have noticed that it sounds different when talking on the phone. The reason is that we are now in HD (High Definition) Voice.

Here is a more complete explanation.

HD (High Definition) Voice, also known as Wide-band Audio, extends the frequency range of sound travelling over a phone conversation, resulting in higher quality voice. The range of the human voice extends from 80 hertz to 14,000 hertz. Traditional, or narrow band telephone calls, limit audio frequencies to the range of 300 to 3400 hertz. HD Voice opens up that range to be between 30 hertz to 7000 hertz.

This HD phone feature allows for phone conversations that are crystal clear and easily understood. You never have to worry about missing important pieces of information again. HD Voice makes your phone conversations more enjoyable and completely stress-free.


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