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Lecture Capture Update

  Posted on: August 12, 2014

The Chronicle of Higher Education magazine recently reported on the technologies that students wished their instructors would use either more or less in their classes. Rated at number one, students overwhelmingly wished their professors would more often record their lectures to be viewed or listened to at a later time (71.5%) This year we are piloting Lecture Capture Technologies in the S203 Lecture Theater using the Sonic Foundry lecture capture platform.

Automatic HD recording of lectures and content are viewable on demand by computers, laptops and mobile devices.  Minimum actions are required by faculty as the room can be scheduled to start, stop and publish Lecture material.  Video is captured by a HD PTZ camera for ease of use that will have presets for the lecturer  and content viewed on the projection screen in the classroom will be viewable as part of the Lecture Capture.  Lectures can be published directly to a LMS (Blackboard, Moodle) and lecturers can build a catalog of their lecture and control view access to presentations. Analytics are available to let faculty know where students are potentially struggling with learning concepts and the materials.

Lecture Capture is available in an assortment of player layouts from voice-over Power Point to full feature HD video and content. Interactive tools like polling enhance learning and improve retention while easy navigation allows students to review more effectively any part of the presentation.   Presentations can be streamed live to students for real time collaboration and students can view lectures and content on demand for review.

Please contact Allen Boyda at 250-371-5580 for more information or demos.


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