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Network data space has increased (TRU Staff)

  Posted on: August 11, 2014

IT Services strongly recommends that faculty and staff keep their important TRU data (including anything student related) on your H:\drive on the network and to encourage you to do so we have increased the size of that space to 5 Gb.

There is always a risk when data is saved on a local hard drive that drive could fail, or the computer may get stolen or tampered with. When your data is on the network, it is backed up daily and you will also be able to access it from home or another computer using Remote Access.

Please remember that your network drive is to be used for your TRU work and that if you have a lot of personal data (music, pictures etc.), it should be moved onto a personal portable hard drive so that you can keep it separated.

If additional space is required beyond this increase, email the IT Service Desk with your request for consideration.

If you would like assistance in moving your data from your local drive to your H:\ drive, contact the IT Service Desk at


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