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Did you know that TRU has a chatbot?

  Posted on: February 26, 2020

Did you know that TRU has a chatbot?  In fact, TRU has several.  TRU World has been dabbling with chat support for a while and in 2019 the Future Student team kicked things off for our domestic students when they launched Wolfie the chatbot.  Wolfie was great at solving simple questions and we loved how “he” could learn from the questions asked to continuously provide better answers.  We knew we wanted to get on board the chat bot train so we started training Trudy the chat bot for IT Service Desk support. Last summer we soft launched (as in, we didn’t really tell anyone and just went live) and TRU is already solving 3% of incoming IT service requests.  Now we need YOU to help us continue to train Trudy.  When you ask questions we are able to ensure that Trudy learns and this enables us to help more people with a wider range of questions and answers.  Check out Trudy and throw her some IT questions at

(look for the chat bubble on the lower right corner)

or via the TRU Go App (


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