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UPDATED JUNE 21: Kaltura server migration disruptions

  Posted on: June 21, 2022

UPDATED JUNE 21: Kaltura server migration disruptions

by Brian Lamb – Monday, 13 June 2022, 11:30 AM Number of replies: 0

Update, June 21: it appears is back online. However:

1) playlists may not have been mapped over. We will investigate.

2) We still have not solved the problem with embeds in Moodle in Google Chrome.
3) If you upload a video via the Kaltura Capture app launched inside Moodle, it should work fine. However, if you launch Kaltura Capture off an old desktop icon, it will send videos to the wrong server. You can download a new copy of the Kaltura Capture app via the link in Moodle’s “My Media” area.
Please contact if you experience problems or need help understanding these instructions.

UPDATE, JUNE 20: As of today, we are still trying to address two significant issues:

  1. Kaltura video embeds for Moodle assignments and course pages are creating a strange error in Google Chrome, in which the user is prompted to log in again. We are working with the vendor to address the source of the problem. As of now we believe Firefox is working.
  2. The user login at is still not working. Again, we are working with the vendor on this.

And again, videos uploaded between May 29 and June 17 (292 of them, it appears) will not be accessible to users in their My Media gallery, and will not be re-added automatically until July. We share instructions on how to manually re-upload videos at, and if this is not possible (for example, if you had students submit them for an assignment) we may be able to help recover them. Contact for more information and assistance.

We regret when anyone in our community experiences disruption and inconvenience, and we are doing all we can to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Brian Lamb –

Hello everyone,

The Kaltura video platform is being transitioned by our provider BCNet, and this involves a major migration for TRU this summer. The good news is we hope the new server environment will provide better performance and some enhanced features. The bad news is this will involve some disruption, particularly over the next month. Also, based on the experience of other schools who have been doing this migration ahead of us, there may be some unpredictable elements.

As of now, it appears all 40,000+ videos that the TRU community has uploaded to Kaltura have been moved to the new server. Our plan is to start pointing our Moodle installation at the new server on Wednesday June 15 or Thursday June 16. However, videos that have been uploaded after the migration began on May 29 will not have been moved over yet, but will be moved in a second “delta phase” after we cut over. So, some of your more recent videos may be missing for a few days. (If you have a local copy, feel free to re-upload it.)  The changeover for the public site at will involve a few days of disrupted access.

Also, because the new server will have a new web address, links and embed codes for Kaltura videos in Moodle courses will break. We have contracted with a service called K16 that promises to fix most of these links and codes, but they will not be able to do so until the week of July 16. Links to videos on public web sites such as Trubox WordPress will need to be updated manually.

We very much regret the disruptions, and we have tried our best to prepare and schedule things to minimize hassles for the community. More detailed information and updates on the process will be posted at

We hope most of the issues can be resolved with patience, but if you require more immediate help you can drop us a line at  If you have questions or concerns with the overall process please contact me directly at

Sincerely,Brian Lamb
Director, Learning Technology & Innovation, Open Learning


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