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Thompson Rivers University

Moving forward with 3D Printing

  Posted on: May 19, 2014

3D (or additive) Printing and 3D Scanning is taking the world by storm. The use of inexpensive tabletop 3D printers and scanners is being popularized by the emergent “Maker Culture” which, according to the Innovating Pedagogy 2013 report, “emphasizes experimentation, innovation and the testing of theory through practical, self-directed tasks. It is characteristic by playful learning and encourages both the acceptance of risk taking (learning by mistakes) and rapid iterative development.”

In a number of years, 3D Printing will no doubt impact every teaching discipline at TRU, from Chemistry to Culinary Arts. TRU’s foray into this new world is through a pilot project led by Mindy Marshal of TRU’s Architectural & Engineering Technology Program (ARET) who is experimenting with various 3D Printing technologies for use in ARET courses.


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