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Expansion of Dell Cluster for the Department of Physical Sciences

  Posted on: February 15, 2014

Dell Cluster

Dell ClusterThe Dell Cluster for existing nodes assembled in early 2008 was in need of upgrading. The department of Physical Sciences along with assistance from IT Services has purchased 4 additional nodes to modernize and expand the Dell cluster that currently exists. This cluster is used in two courses and for the research training of a variety of students, including:

  • CHEM 4430 providing students with basic skills to perform research in computational chemistry.
  • CHEM 4480 Directed Studies for 3rd and 4th year students to engage in a research project that expands over 8 months.
  • Undergraduate student researchers working full-time under the supervision Nela Mora-Diez supervision (funded by CUEF, UREAP or NSERC).
  • Research projects by graduate students and visiting researchers.

Over the past several years, many graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from other universities such as Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UNAM, Spain), Universidad de Extremadura (UNEX, Spain), Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM, Mexico), University of Tlemcen, Algeria, have visited TRU. A PhD student from UNAM in Mexico City has been at TRU since late October. Two PhD students from UNEX, Spain, will be working at TRU in spring 2014 for three months.


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